CEO of DigitalGuest Christian Markedal using the smart service, Source: Aarhus Airport

Aarhus Airport launches digital guest service to make travelling smarter

Aarhus Airport launches digital guest service to make travelling smarter

Passengers must simply scan a QR code to use it

This week, Aarhus Airport launched a digital guest service that will make travelling easier and simpler for its customers. Rather than having to run through the airport in search of information about their journeys, passengers can now find the answers to all of their questions using the new ‘DigitalGuest’ platform. 

How does it work?

To access the information they need, travellers need to simply scan a QR code upon their arrival at the Danish airport. Without having to download any application, customers can then get a guide to the airport and its services directly on their mobiles.

In a press release, Aarhus Airport gives examples of the information one can find on the platform, explaining that the DigitalGuest service allows arrivals to see the schedule of airport buses, experiences in the region, and information regarding car rentals, among others. CEO of Aarhus Airport Nicolai Krøyer commented on the smart service, noting:

“We want to set the service bar for our guests even higher as we expand and modernise. Our goal is to create an airport in the international league with a focus on the best physical setting for guest experiences. Our ambitions are just as high when it comes to service. As a supplement to the personal guest service provided by our dedicated staff, we give guests the opportunity to quickly find information and inspiration directly from the sofa seat in the Sky Lounge.”

The first airport in the world to offer the service

It is important to highlight that Aarhus Airport is the first in the world to collaborate with the software company DigitalGuest, which originally developed its service as a replacement for hotel folders. According to co-founder and CEO of the company Christian Markedal, making DigitalGuest’s service available in another branch of the travel industry (aside from hospitality) is a natural step. 

“Where there is a guest, there is a need for a quick response,” Markedal pointed out.



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