Aarhus – Denmark’s go-to tourist destination

Aarhus – Denmark’s go-to tourist destination

Not only is the city rich in cultural life, but local authorities have also made getting around far easier

The ancient Danish city of Aarhus is one of the country’s most important and visited tourist destinations. It boasts a wide range of cultural and historic sites that are simply begging for a visit while its central location has turned it into a focal point for tourist activity.

Diligent authorities and local charm

What makes Aarhus such a good tourist destination is a perfect blend of its very own local charm, combining the city’s ancient and modern aspects, a diligent administration that keeps things running smoothly and a central location that allows for easy and convenient travel.

The city is perfectly connected not only to other major urban areas across Denmark – just a short train trip away from Copenhagen or a ferry ride from Zealand but also boasts proximity to not one but two airports – Aarhus Airport and Billund Airport, thus making it an easily accessible location for foreign visitors.

In terms of urban mobility, Aarhus’s local authorities have made it their mission to ensure sustainable, easy and convenient travel within the city. Thus, they have established a free bike-sharing scheme that allows users to grab a bicycle from one of the city’s 56 stations and quickly start exploring all that Aarhus has to offer.

Once on a bike, there’s no shortage of locations you should visit. For example, one should always be on the lookout to see whether the Queen of Denmark is home at Marselisborg Castle. If she is, visitors can observe the changing of the royal guard. And if she isn’t you’ll be able to enter the palace itself and explore its gardens.

There are also tons of museums and other cultural and historical venues – like the world-famous Aarhus Botanical Gardens and the Old Town Museum. As part of the local government’s policy for promoting cultural activities within the urban area. entry into such sites is free of charge in most cases.

By combining three different aspects of tourism development, Aarhus has truly become one of Denmark’s top destinations.



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