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Aarhus presents plans for more sustainable and people-friendly city centre

Aarhus presents plans for more sustainable and people-friendly city centre

Indre Aarhus Ø will turn the district greener and will offer more to families with children

Aarhus’ Councilor for Technology and the Environment Bünyamin Simsek is set to present a development plan for the city’s Indre Aarhus Ø district at a special meeting next week. The plan introduces a district that appeals to families with children with connected green areas in the form of the city park on Pier 2 as well as green residential streets and edge zones.

Transforming Aarhus one district at a time

The plan that is to be presented at next week’s meeting is inspired by both the historic city centre and the area around Bassin 7, which works with Aarhuskarreen in a rethought form, and features intimate urban spaces and smaller squares, and boasts a focus on city life between the houses.

Realization of the development plan for Indre Aarhus Ø will ensure that Aarhus can continue to offer attractive urban environments with housing close to the city, with a special focus on family housing.

It is the ambition that Indre Aarhus Ø will be characterized by a diversity of urban life functions. This will be done through the provision of residential areas as well as areas for business as well as the initiation of a project for the establishment of a new city centre school with sports and leisure facilities.

“We want to keep families with children in the city centre. That is why we also think far beyond the four walls of the homes and cultivate common areas and street spaces, which create a safe environment where the pram can stand undisturbed and older children can play safely,” explained City Councillor Bünyamin Simsek.

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