Aarhus puts an emphasis on protecting schoolchildren

Aarhus puts an emphasis on protecting schoolchildren

The pandemic has upended the lives of students and officials want to help as much as they can

Repeated repatriations and weeks of virtual teaching have eroded the well-being and motivation of the Aarhus school students who miss the well-known school day and the class community. That is why Aarhus Councilor for Children and Young People, Thomas Medom, is now launching a series of meetings that will provide input and good ideas for the schools' work to get the students back in good well-being both academically and socially.

Providing ample support for students of all ages

While the youngest students in Aarhus can attend school again on Mondays, the oldest students must continue to receive virtual education - but all students deserve an extra focus on their well-being.

“Although students, teachers and parents have made a huge effort to make virtual teaching as present and motivating as possible, many students suffer from spending far too much time without their friends, classmates and leisure activities. These students feel lonely and demotivated. Therefore, we need to make an extra effort to strengthen student well-being.

Teachers and educators are fantastic at working with well-being and communities, but we are in a unique situation where we need to get all the good ideas and forces into play so that we can get the well-being work off the ground with a quick start. Therefore, I look forward to receiving input from, among others, the Children and Youth City Council, the parents' organizations, the professional organizations and voluntary organizations,” stated Thomas Medom, Councilor for Children and Young People.

Thomas Medom will also share knowledge and good ideas with the Children and Young People area in the City of Copenhagen, just as he will meet with his councillor colleagues in Culture and Citizen Service as well as Social Affairs and Employment to think about well-being across the areas. In addition to the councillor, all members of the Children and Youth Committee are invited to participate in the series of meetings.

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