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Aarhus schools use smart devices to disinfect classrooms

Aarhus schools use smart devices to disinfect classrooms

Intelligent napkin dispensers will alert students and teachers when surfaces need disinfecting

The Danish Municipality of Aarhus has collaborated with the Aarhus-based company Zurface Group to provide 12 schools with intelligent napkin dispensers that keep the environment clean. With this partnership, Aarhus seeks to reduce the spread of infection and make schools safer.

How do the Zurface devices work?

The smart napkin dispensers assess the cleanliness of indoor climates by collecting data such as CO2 and VOC levels, temperature, humidity, and noise. With this knowledge, the device can evaluate whether the environment needs to be disinfected.

If the Zurface napkin dispenser determines that the surrounding surfaces must be cleaned, it will light up to alert students and teachers. When this occurs, they must use the appliance’s disposable wipes to clean the classroom’s surfaces.

Pilot project reveals the technology’s success rate

On its website, Aarhus municipality reported that the intelligent technology was first tested in a pilot project. According to its findings, 82% of the classroom’s surfaces were contaminated by lunchtime before the use of Zurface. This percentage dropped significantly when the use of Zurface was introduced, with only 3% of surfaces being recorded as unclean.

Councilor for Children and Young People Thomas Medom commented on the pilot project, noting that both students and teachers reported feeling more comfortable after the use of the intelligent technology.

Alleviating COVID concerns and reducing sick leave

It is important to note that the Zurface Group created this device prior to the outbreak of the pandemic. Taking this further, its original purpose was to reduce the spread of the common flu and other viruses.

Today, the intelligent napkin dispenser alleviates the concerns of both parents and children who may still feel afraid of contracting COVID. Furthermore, Medom notes that the devices will enhance productivity by reducing sick leave and the need to hire substitute teachers.

Mayor of Aarhus Jacob Bundsgaard expressed his satisfaction with the municipality’s collaboration, sharing that the Zurface devices can soon be used in other parts of the city.

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