Aarhus to invest millions in supporting its young homeless population

Aarhus to invest millions in supporting its young homeless population

Some DKK 23 million have been set aside for the new initiative

The Social Investment Fund, Hjem til Alle, Aarhus Municipality, Bikubenfonden and the Council for Social Investments in Aarhus have entered into a collaboration on a social investment program that will lift young homeless Aarhusians permanently out of homelessness. The first Housing First initiatives for young homeless people in Aarhus are expected to start in the first months of 2021.

Fixing problems from the ground-up

In total, the Beehive Fund, the Council for Social Investments and the Social Investment Fund are set to invest DKK 23 million in initiatives that Social Conditions and Employment in Aarhus Municipality must deliver to the young people over the next three years.

The efforts are based on the Housing First strategy, which both at home and abroad is one of the best-documented efforts in relation to succeeding in getting the homeless away from the streets and sofas with acquaintances for their own permanent housing.

Aarhus Municipality is working purposefully to reduce the number of young homeless people through, for example, Housing First initiatives, with which the municipality has a positive experience.

The social investment program must be seen as an extension of this work and consists of two initiatives – a mainly social effort for the most vulnerable young homeless and an early, intensive and employment-oriented effort for the young homeless who are closer to jobs and education. For both groups, it is vital that they receive a permanent home with intensive support according to Housing First principles in connection with the course.

“In Aarhus, we have worked to combat rising homelessness in recent years, especially among young people. We know that the key is initiatives that quickly help young people in their own homes, and at the same time make a targeted contribution to communities, education and jobs. Therefore, this collaboration on a massive investment in new Housing First initiatives is a major step in the work of bringing young people away from homelessness and towards a good youth life in Aarhus,” explained Kristian Würtz, Councilor for Social Affairs and Employment

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