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Aarhus to launch service to counteract negative psychological trends of the pandemic

Aarhus to launch service to counteract negative psychological trends of the pandemic

A pool of organisations and citizens will help those suffering from depression, anxiety and loneliness due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown

A new civil society pool to prevent negative social consequences of the corona crisis is now open for applications in the Danish city of Aarhus. The pool can be applied for by associations and communities that arrange activities for socially disadvantaged Aarhusians.

Making sure that everyone gets through the crisis

All Aarhusians are affected by the corona crisis. But especially the city's vulnerable feel the negative social consequences: loneliness, anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction and social isolation.

Over the spring, a new civil society pool will help to alleviate and prevent loneliness and dissatisfaction by providing financial support for activities targeted at vulnerable Aarhusians.

"The corona crisis has hit the city's vulnerable particularly hard. Many people experience being isolated from the community - either because they have only a few close relationships, or because they are in a special risk group. That is why we invest in funds to support corona-friendly, social activities for the city's vulnerable,” says Kristian Würtz, social and employment councillor in Aarhus Municipality.

And here civil society and city associations play an important role. “Many of the city's associations have already shown great commitment in relation to inviting the vulnerable. And we need the good ideas of civil society on how we can create communities and social events in a time of uncertainty and restrictions. This can be in the form of fishing trips, photo courses or mobile drop-in centres. The framework is broad, as long as the initiatives help to counteract dissatisfaction,” says Kristian Würtz emphasizing that it is important that the funds arrive as quickly as possible.

The pool can be applied for by associations and other civil society actors who arrange activities for Aarhusians who were particularly hard hit by loneliness or depression during the pandemic. The pool supports activities held before the end of 2021, and activities targeted at the mentally vulnerable, Aarhusians with disabilities and socially disadvantaged children and young people will be given special weight. Each project can apply for up to DKK 25,000 from the pool.

The Magistrate's Department for Social Affairs and Employment has allocated DKK 250,000 to the civil society pool. The pool is part of Aarhus Municipality's total corona well-being package of a total of nine million kroner.

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