Children are the "future ambassadors of nature"

Aarhus unveils a forest where children can plant trees

Aarhus unveils a forest where children can plant trees

They will also learn how to live and survive in nature

In recent years, Aarhus has increased its efforts to become a greener and more biodiverse municipality. Now, as part of this ambition, it has unveiled a new “children’s forest” in Ajstrup where all kindergarteners will have the opportunity to plant their own trees. In the future, the forest will grow and develop to become a place where pupils can go on school trips and camping.

Learning how to live in nature

In a press release, the Danish municipality explains that children will also take trips to the new forest. During these excursions, they will learn essential skills which will allow them to live and survive in nature. More specifically, they will learn how to light a fire, find their way without using a compass or GPS, pick edible plants, and build a bivouac.

Commenting on this, the national chairman of Plant a Tree Jens Døssing shared that children are the future ambassadors of nature. For this reason, they need to learn to value it and the resources it stores. Councillor for Technology and the Environment Bünyamin Simsek echoed this statement, saying:

“It makes really good sense to engage the kids and give them ownership of the forest. Because we are completely and utterly dependent on them and their commitment to nature if we are to ensure that greenery is also prioritised in the future. And we must ensure this because the forest and nature are at the very top when citizens describe why they are happy to live in the municipality.”

The forest, which covers an area of 20 hectares, was officially inaugurated on 2 December when children planted the first trees alongside Simsek and Døssing. As the “Children’s Forest” is only a working title, the children themselves will soon decide on the official name of the forest.



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