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Aarhus unveils exhibition displaying welfare innovations inspired by COVID

Aarhus unveils exhibition displaying welfare innovations inspired by COVID

“Ready for the next pandemic – with welfare technology” will open on 26 November

When COVID entered our lives, we were caught unprepared. Unable to leave our homes, we worried about our loved ones and those who needed our help. The elderly and those who suffer from chronic illnesses also found themselves in a state of panic as they could no longer access the healthcare they needed or the support groups they relied on.

With time, however, we learned how to cope with the “new normal”. That is, we found new ways of communicating with loved ones, seeking medical help, and taking care of ourselves. More importantly, we made use of modern technology to create and innovate devices, applications, and other welfare technologies that improved our lives.

Showcasing innovations

On Friday, 26 November, the Danish City of Aarhus will hold an exhibition to showcase some of the latest welfare innovations. Titled "Ready for the next pandemic – with welfare technology", the exhibition will focus on the initiatives brought about by the COVID crisis. Commenting on this, Councillor for Health and Care Jette Skive shared:

"It is important that we are constantly thinking in new directions and that we take full advantage of the possibilities of technology. So, in that way, we promote the health and wellbeing of the citizens. We have learned a lot during the corona pandemic, and it is really good that with the new exhibition, we are collecting many of the good initiatives that benefit us all equally.”

What can you see at the exhibition?

The innovations which Aarhus will showcase include a variety of devices and applications designed to improve our quality of life. Taking a case in point, one can see numerous inventions that facilitate remote communication, especially between people from different generations.

In addition to this, Aarhus will showcase devices designed to help people with mobility impairments stand up after sitting, lying, or falling down. An example of such a device is a bed that rotates and transforms into a chair.

To view a full list of the innovations which DokkX will showcase on Friday, visit Aarhus’ website. To see images of some of the latest welfare technology, view the gallery above.



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