Aberdeen turns to culture in effort to beautify city centre during reopening

Aberdeen turns to culture in effort to beautify city centre during reopening

Local authorities believe that art and culture can make a serious difference during the period of government-mandated social distancing

With the gradual reopening of our societies, all of us who venture outside and want to explore anew must also comply with stringent social distancing measures. Yet these same measures that are meant to keep us safe are also daunting as they represent a stark contrast to how our lives and our everyday excursions looked like before the pandemic. 

To combat such wanton feelings, the Aberdeen City Council has announced that it will be supporting the creation of brand-new temporary art installations throughout the city centre that would make it more attractive during the social distancing period.

Benefits all around

The project unveiled by Aberdeen’s local government is funded through Scotland’s Spaces for People programme that aims to make cities more welcoming to pedestrians and to help them keep up with social distancing regulations.

Under the programme, The Aberdeen City Council was granted 1.76 million pounds by the Scottish Government, 100,000 of which will be used for this new initiative. Three commissions are currently available for those interest – one worth up to 50,000 pounds for the cultural development of Union Street and two for West End and Schoolhill/Upperkirkgate, each worth 25,000 pounds.

The City Council wants to invite all local artists, organisations and designers to apply. The project will not only lead to the city becoming more beautiful and welcoming, but it will also prove a significant boon to culture workers who have been seriously impacted by the pandemic. Those interested can apply by 21 July 2020 and will have to wrap up the completion of their projects by 20 August at the latest.

Aberdeen City Council transport spokesperson Councillor Sandra Macdonald stated that “Culture has been identified as having an important role to play in supporting Aberdeen’s social and economic recovery, recognising not only the unique strengths of the city’s cultural offer across many art forms but also the specific qualities, connections and experiences culture can provide…We know from projects such as Nuart, Look Again and Spectra, how much residents and visitors enjoy public art, so we’re very much looking forward to seeing the proposals that come forward from our arts community to help make the city a vibrant and brighter place to live in and visit.”



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