Trolleybuses are just the first part of a multi-stage plan for sustainable mobility in the city , Source: City of Brasov

After 2 million kilometres, Brasov trolleybuses have saved 3,300 tons of CO2 emissions

After 2 million kilometres, Brasov trolleybuses have saved 3,300 tons of CO2 emissions

The new vehicles were purchased in 2019 to kick off the city’s sustainable mobility plan and they are already paying off

In a recent statement, the mayor of Brasov, in Romania, Allen Coliban announced that the city’s 51 all-electric trolleys have run for a total of 2 million kilometres. The trolleybuses were purchased back in 2019 with the aim of improving the air quality and passenger experience in Carpathian city.

The vehicles reached the milestone on 10 January and according to municipal sources, they have reduced pollution by 3,300 tons of CO2, 75 tons of nitrogen oxides, 31 tons of carbon oxide and 1.5 tons of fine dust particles.

Just for comparison, the 3,300 tons of CO2 is the rough equivalent of more than 8 million miles driven by an average passenger vehicle, according to calculations by the United States Environment Protection Agency.

Mayor Coliban used the occasion to announce this year’s planned second stage of public transport expansion. Among other things, the second stage of urban mobility expansion in Brasov includes a 3-million-euro feasibility study into the metropolitan rail.

Ageing fleet and public transportation

The trolleybuses were purchased in 2019. 26 were financed through European funds and the Ministry of Regional Development, while the rest were financed through the Municipality and European Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.

Furthermore, the trolleys were meant to address several specific needs, regarding Brasov’s sustainable mobility plan. Namely, these include replacing the ageing existing fleet and ensuring enough vehicles for peak hours.

According to municipal data, the fuel consumption of the existing fleet was 10% higher than the average for a city of that size. At the same time, the new trolleybuses were expected to move 2,1 million passengers annually.



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