How many cats are there in Finland? Maybe the registry will help us find out, Source: Depositphotos

After dogs, Finland wants to register all cats on its territory, too

After dogs, Finland wants to register all cats on its territory, too

The feline registry is expected to start operating in 2026

It seems that despite some hiccups with the recently launched dog registry, the Finnish authorities have liked the concept so much that they are now setting up the foundations for a similar cat registry, to be ready in 2026. The aim of the digital tool will be to create a database of all cats living in the country.

At least, these are the stated ambitions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, even if no one knows exactly how many cats there are in Finland. The argument, however, goes that it is precisely that kind of database that could give a better understanding of the national kitty population.

Official estimates put the figure around 600,000, but the Finnish cat association, Kissaliitto, believes the number to be much higher, even exceeding one million. These discrepancies highlight the need for a cat registry,” explains Anssi Welling, an official from the agricultural ministry, quoted by Yle.

Part of the problem is that cats are more frequently abandoned than dogs, thus they’re in a more vulnerable situation. The registry could promote responsible ownership and prevent the emergence of feral cat populations.

Making cats properly domesticated

According to estimates by Animal Welfare Finland (SEY), there are some 20,000 stray cats in the Nordic country, half of which roam free, and half are in animal shelters.

Animal welfare activists urge owners to get into a good habit of registering their animals even before the authorities make it compulsory.

It makes sense to microchip cats and add them to the Finnish cat association's register even before it's a legal requirement," urged Anssi Welling. "Microchipping provides added security for your cat."

The Finnish Food Authority will oversee the cat registry. Owners failing to register their felines could face penalties, such as fines once the new rules come into force.



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