Accessibility of shops is a priority for Paris, Source: City of Paris

Ahead of 2024 Olympics, Paris sponsors accessibility of neighbourhoods

Ahead of 2024 Olympics, Paris sponsors accessibility of neighbourhoods

The city authorities will be providing up to 10,000 euros to traders who want to make their establishments more accessible

The City of Paris yesterday announced a first call for projects for three increased accessibility districts. The call will allow merchants from the 8th, 10th and 14th arrondissements (pilots for the so-called Increased Accessibility District action) to receive city funding and make their establishments more accessible to persons of all abilities. The move comes in the context of the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games, which the French capital will have the honour of hosting in 2024.

Paris wants to practice what it preaches when it comes to accessibility

The City of Paris offers merchants who wish to undertake accessibility work for their point of sale located at the foot of a building, up to €10,000 to finance up to 80% of the overall cost of their project. To be really part of the legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, merchants must commit to carrying out the work before 1 January 2024.

Shopkeepers can benefit from assistance from the City of Paris to undertake work aimed at improving universal and inclusive reception of all audiences. This can be done by creating for example:

  • non-slip floor coverings;
  • a marking on the ground;
  • Braille signage;
  • free circulation;
  • accessible restrooms;
  • accessible checkouts;
  • accessible fitting rooms, etc.

City Councillor Olivia Polski, quoted on commented: “We have made the accessibility of shops a major commitment of the term of office. I therefore encourage each retailer to take the opportunity to develop their business and go beyond legal obligations, to make Paris the Capital of accessibility”.

Shop owners have until 9 September 2022 to apply. The final objective of the City of Paris is to have 17 neighbourhoods of improved accessibility – one in every arrondissement (district) before the start of the games.



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