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All Madeirans will get a smart energy meter at home, courtesy of regional government

All Madeirans will get a smart energy meter at home, courtesy of regional government

The initiative for the upgrade of the home devices will set the authorities back some 12 million euros

The Government of Madeira has decided to make sure that every household on the island will be able to have access to timely and accurate readings on their energy consumption. For this purpose, the authorities announced at the end of last week that they will invest some 12 million euros to purchase and install smart electricity meters in the homes of Madeirans.

Being mindful of one’s own energy consumption – a priority in our times

The investment will be carried out as part of the recovery plan and through the island’s energy provider EEM (Madeira Electricity Company). The funds will be in addition to those already spent on the smaller island of Porto Santo (also part of the Atlantic archipelago), which totalled 400, 000 euros for 4,000 meters.

In the case of Madeira, however, the installation project will take a little bit longer and is set to conclude sometime in 2025. After all, 126,000 meters will have to be installed on the larger island. The Madeiran President, Miguel Albuquerque, praised the strong investment being made by the Madeira Electricity Company, aimed at modernization, greater reliability and better monitoring of the entire electricity supply in this Portuguese autonomous region.

In his words, this is “a very important step in transparency towards the consumer, because the reading will be done in real-time and without errors, with the consumer having immediate access, to the minute, to their energy consumption”.

The official considers this to be a very important step for consumers to be informed about energy costs, as well as for logistics, readings and the ability to follow up on the part of EEM.

Plus, it will be possible to evaluate, through these smart meters, the environmental advantages accrued from the consumption of renewable energies.

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