The bike counter at Radmess just counted its cycling trip , Source: Stefan Tschandl via City of Salzburg

Almost 10 million bike trips in Salzburg so far in 2022, more to come

Almost 10 million bike trips in Salzburg so far in 2022, more to come

In 2021, the city counted over 10,617,173 cycling trips. Will the record be beaten?

Last week, the city of Salzburg welcomed its millionth cyclist at the Radmess station counter, one of the busiest cycling routes in the city. On 25 October, the city clocked in 9.8 million bicycle rides in all counting locations and more are yet to come, according to a statement by local authorities.

For comparison, last year also brought in millions of bicycle rides, with authorities counting 10,617,173 bike rides in the 27 counting locations. The bike counters display the number of bike trips on a screening board to help motivate both the population and city officials to do more for sustainable mobility.

Promoting active mobility

The current top location for cycling in Salzburg is Rudolfskai with over a million trips, followed by the Giselakai and Wilhelm-Kaufmann-Steg in the south of the city, rounding out the top three. For comparison, last year, the top destination was Kurpark with around 1.4 million trips, followed by Rudolfskai with 1.1 and Giselakai with just over a million cyclists.

However, the cycling infrastructure itself has changed since then as the city renovated 10 kilometres of cycling routes near Kurgarten last summer. This is one of the busiest routes in the city, seeing around 14,000 trips on peak days, which is why the city widened it to 3 metres.

Additionally, authorities have planned a continuous investment plan for infrastructure, through the Cycle Strategy 2025+. Through the scheme, the city is providing a budget of two million euros per year to increase cycling rates.

City Councillor, Martina Berthold, was quoted in a press statement, explaining: “The common goal of the city is to increase cycling. The bicycle counting stations provide a good basis for tracking developments in bicycle traffic. And the federal subsidies are also linked to the transparent numbers.”



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