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Amazon will offer digital skills training in Greece

Amazon will offer digital skills training in Greece

The tech giant will help Greece fight unemployment

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has agreed to help Greece develop and strengthen the digital skills of its labour force. On 21 April, the Hellenic Manpower Employment Organisation (OAED) announced that it has signed a memorandum of cooperation with AWS to help train those who are currently unemployed.

This agreement took place in the presence of the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Kostis Hatzidakis, who commented: “The cooperation between OAED and Amazon Web Services is part of the new training model that promotes the Ministry of Labour, which includes collaborations with the most innovative technology companies in the world. […] The biggest competitive advantage of Greece in the digital economy is its quality workforce and we do everything in our power to invest in it.”

Hatzidakis further explained that the ultimate goal of this agreement is to help both the unemployed and employed to acquire modern, digital skills. These skills, according to the Minister, will help them build a better and more successful future in the realm of artificial intelligence, technology, etc.

How will Amazon help Greece in the fight against unemployment?

According to OAED’s press release, AWS will first give free training in digital cloud technologies through modern, asynchronous education. Taking this further, the training will initially be provided only to those who are unemployed, and it will be done at a pilot level.

Following this, those who have passed the training will subsequently receive certifications from AWS. Unsurprisingly, they will then be more likely to secure employment once they have obtained training from the world-renowned tech giant and leader in cloud computer services. In this way, AWS will help the country fight unemployment.

The governor of OAED Spyros Protopsaltis commented on the organisation’s collaboration with AWS, noting: “The aim of this effective cooperation is to promote employment in the context of the digital economy through quality training in high-demand and cutting-edge digital skills.”

In this way, OAED and AWS will ensure that the unemployed receive the necessary support which will help them secure a job that is safe and reliable.



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