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Ħamrun to have a green lung with 2,500 plants

Ħamrun to have a green lung with 2,500 plants

The project is expected to cost around EUR 1.5 million

On 28 February, the Maltese Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia visited the future roof garden in Ħamrun. Together with the Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities Alex Muscat, Farrugia planted shrubs, which will make the 500-square-metre roof a green and attractive location for residents in the area.

Hamrun green roofDesign plans (Source: Alex Muscat on Facebook)

Creating green lungs

The spacious green roof, alongside a vertical garden and the area on the ground floor, will house more than 2,500 trees, shrubs, and plants. These will include mature carob, olive, and oak trees, among others.

Together, the plants will absorb around 900 kilograms of carbon dioxide and produce about 660 kilograms of oxygen. In other words, they will reduce the pollution in the area, making Ħamrun cleaner and greener.

On Facebook, Minister Farrugia discussed the project, sharing that the creation of this green lung will not affect the availability of parking spaces in the area. What is more, he revealed that an elevator will also be installed to ensure that all residents can easily access the roof garden and enjoy the green spaces.

Hamrun green lungDesign plans (Source: Alex Muscat on Facebook)


According to a press release, the completion of the project will cost approximately EUR 1.5 million. Muscat expanded on the project, saying that it is one of the many green developments that are taking place in Mosta, Birkirkara, Qormi, and Żabbar. Discussing their financing, he shared that these projects are possible as a result of the government’s work in attracting foreign direct investment: 

“Through foreign direct investment, these localities will now have a green lung with no burden on the taxpayer,” shared Muscat. 

Implemented by GreenServ through the National Development and Social Fund, the development is at an advanced stage and will be completed in the coming months. 



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