Solar panels are not a rare sight on Amsterdam’s roofs, Source: Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

Amsterdam aims for 1 million solar panels by 2022

Amsterdam aims for 1 million solar panels by 2022

The goal is currently halfway to being achieved

Amsterdam firmly believes in solar energy as a sustainable way to power local households. That is why the Dutch capital has set itself the objective of installing one million roof solar panels by next year. To achieve this collective ambition, the city is providing various forms of support to families and businesses.

An ambitious, yet completely attainable goal

Amsterdam has half a million solar panels already installed on roofs, since the beginning of this year, the municipality reported this week. With a 125-megawatt capacity, they can provide power to more than 60,000 households per year.

Yet, this is far from enough for the Dutch capital: the goal is to double the number by next year. Judging by the speed at which the process has been going on lately (the city website reports a 70% growth in the past year alone), achieving 1 million solar panels seems completely reasonable.

Furthermore, there seems to be the perfect conditions for the task – there are enough roofs, with sufficient space to plant solar panels on. Should the city be able to use them all, it will be able to generate sustainable electricity for as many as 500,000 households, according to their own calculations.

Be as it may, the space is not the only concern when it comes to solar energy – to be able to save on one’s energy bill (ranging between 300 and 600 euros per year), one needs to make a substantial initial investment. The latter might not be so easy for every household, at least not when done individually.

That is why the municipality is supporting individuals and companies in several ways. First, by organising collective purchasing campaigns since 2020, so that the unit prize gets lower; second, by giving those who do not own a roof space the chance to invest in a solar and energy cooperative and third, by providing energy loans. For example, it is estimated that the 100 largest roofs in Amsterdam together account for 15 percent of the total possible solar energy in the city, which gives interesting opportunities for investment.

So, for those who live in Amsterdam and are willing to start saving with solar energy, the city has set up a website with step-by-step instructions (in Dutch). If you are adept in sustainable sources of power, make sure to check it out and find the formula that works best for you.

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