Reserve your time slot for security check at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and look out for this sign, Source: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Airport extends security booking system to non-Schengen flights

Amsterdam Airport extends security booking system to non-Schengen flights

The faster, and probably more decent, way to get past security checks is now available to all destinations

Passengers to both Schengen and non-Schengen destinations departing from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport can now pre-book time slots for security check. After a successful launch of the free service to Schengen flights earlier this year, the airport authorities are now expanding it to non-Schengen flights. The possibility to book a selected time of the day to go through security check promises a more planned and stress-free travel.

How does the booking system for security checks at Amsterdam Schiphol work?

If you want to know how long the security check at Amsterdam’s airport going to take, you might wish to use the new service offered at Schiphol. Everyone can now plan in advance when are they going to pass the often lengthy process and eliminate the need to wait in line with other nervous passengers. Remember, the security check is the one where they check your hand luggage for forbidden substances and items, as well as you personally for carrying something dangerous or prohibited.

The service is available at no cost, between 3 days and 90 minutes before departure for non-Schengen flights or up to 60 minutes for flights within the passport-free area. Reservation is dependent upon the availability of time slots, as these are not equal to the number of seats available on each flight. To book, one needs to visit the dedicated webpage or use the Schiphol mobile application.

Passengers must indicate details of their destination and group size, and the system will suggest good times slots to book, corresponding to the flight departure time and the expectancy of crowds. After providing all the data, the passenger receives a QR confirmation code which must be shown to the security upon arrival at the security zone.

There will be a special line for passengers who have pre-booked their security checks. The time slot is valid for 15 minutes – the period in which you must show up with your QR code. If you happen to arrive early, your time slot will not be available, so you will have to wait for your turn. If you arrive late, you miss the opportunity and you have to head to the regular line for passengers without a reserved time slot (or try to re-book if still possible).

However, passengers with (medical) assistance and/or priority statuses, do not need to book security checks since Schiphol already has separate access to security control for them.

It is important to mention that the security check comes after the check-in with the airline at the departure desk. 

When it first introduced this option in April 2023, Schiphol became the 4th large European airport to offer pre-bookable security time slots, the airport claimed.



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