Amsterdam wants to become safer for pedestrians with additional speed limits, as of 2023

Amsterdam contemplates lower speed limits on most roads

Amsterdam contemplates lower speed limits on most roads

They will go to 30 kilometres per hour, should the proposal pass at City Council

Amsterdam wants to limit the maximum speed in the city on many roads to 30 km/h from 2023, the city reported this week. The intent is part of the city’s overall efforts to improve safety and quality of life and fits into a wider European trend, set by metropolises such as Paris, Milan or Helsinki.

The policy change motion reportedly enjoys a wide support among the municipal councillors but is yet to be voted on 23 December before entering into force in 2023.

Following a European trend for road safety in cities

Lower speed limits might soon apply to many of the roads in Amsterdam, should the city council approve a proposed policy change this December. Said change will involve reducing the speed limit to 30 k/h (compared to the existing 50), which amounts to 270 out of the 500 km roads that currently enjoy 50 km/h speed.

There will be some exceptions, for public transport and emergency services, which will be allowed to drive with a maximum of 50 kilometres per hour on some routes. Moreover, public transport, taxis and emergency services could also drive at 50 kilometres per hour on separate public transport lanes.

Throughout the leap year, until the new limits are enforced, the city is tasked to fit the roads with new signs and lines and to prepare a communication campaign to prepare citizens for the change.

The city authorities further report that exact streets that fall within the proposed limits have been consulted with the public, which resulted in redrawing the speed map of the city into the current proposal. These can be seen on a special interactive map published by the City Council.



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