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Amsterdam: experience the first-ever walking movie

Amsterdam: experience the first-ever walking movie

You can watch it over and over since it will be available for the next six months

Starting 1 July and going until 31 December, Amsterdam will be offering a new and unprecedented cultural and tourist experience, namely: the first walking movie. Walking, because you cannot watch it in a cinema hall, nor through an on-demand subscription platform. Instead, you need to actively look out for every movie scene in Amsterdam’s neighbourhood of Sloterdijk, where the action takes place.

An insightful way to get acquainted with your city

To be more precise, the walking movie consists of scenes that you activate yourself by scanning a QR code. You can select script, search and scan parts of the film, which makes you an active participant in the movie action.

While doing this, you will be in a constant conversation with a host and main character named Grace, who will help you discover the places and people around. The movie, called Tour d’amour takes about 40 minutes to complete, and its “plot” captures the story of the development of Sloterdijk, from the past to the present and in the future.

The actors in the movie are real-life personalities, who reside, work in or simply love the place. This includes artists, musicians, residents, entrepreneurs and authorities. Grace will also take you to the hotspots and the coolest places in the area.

The Walking Movie is an initiative of Uptown Sloterdijk, in collaboration between the Municipality of Amsterdam, developers, property owners and local employers. The idea of the experience is to help people get to know the area, currently undergoing significant transformation, from a business to a living district, in an active way.

The movie is free to “watch” (or “play” if you will); you only need a smartphone with internet connection. The starting point is in front of the main entrance of Sloterdijk Station. Scan the QR code there, Grace will do the rest.



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