Project rendition of Centrumeiland when completely developed, Source: Amsterdam Municipality

Amsterdam has a self-build district

Amsterdam has a self-build district

Centrumeiland is a development where the DIY ethic will predominate

Centrumeiland (Centre Island) is a new neighbourhood in development in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. What’s interesting about it is that the larger part of it has been set aside for self-construction – that is, owners can decide how to design and build their own home there once they long lease the land plot.

Centrumeiland is part of the ongoing development of the IJburg residential district, which consists of artificial islands in IJmeer (the IJ Lake) and is already partially completed and populated.  It is the fourth island of IJburg between Haveneiland and Strandeiland. The city beach of IJburg and the Diemer Vijfhoek nature reserve are just around the corner.

Centre Island will be a green, sustainable and car-free district. The houses are offset from each other and differ in size. This leaves plenty of room for greenery and squares.

A decade for self-building and development

Amsterdam has already been in full swing of selling lots to private developers and wannabe homeowners. The first residents moved in 2020 and a third of the island has already been built up. The aim is to have construction completed by 2029.

There will be approximately 1,500 to 1,700 homes, of which 60 to 70 percent will be self-built. In that light, the City of Amsterdam is inviting people interested in building their own houses to come for introductory tours of the available land plots on the island.

There will also be social and medium-priced rental properties. During the tours candidates will receive information about the dimensions and prices of the plots and the development of Centre Island. The self-build plots are available from 298,129 euros, excluding VAT. This does not include the costs of designing and building the home. On some plots, it is possible to build a house with multiple households. 



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