The cargo e-bikes are designed for a wide range of waste items, Source: Amsterdam Municipality

Amsterdam lends residents cargo bikes for bulk waste

Amsterdam lends residents cargo bikes for bulk waste

That way, they have an option to do their part in waste management of the neighbourhood spaces

The City of Amsterdam has informed its residents that they can borrow an electric cargo bike, free of charge, and use it to move their bulk waste to one of the seven indicated recycling points in the municipality. There are various aims behind this offer – promoting the use of sustainable mobility modes, such as cargo e-bikes, giving residents the chance to be more proactive and involved in the waste management of their neighbourhood public spaces and also convenience for those who don’t own a car or a driver’s license.

Cycle to recycle

It’s common knowledge that bicycles have a major presence in the mobility landscape of Amsterdam, so it only makes sense that many residents would show interest in seeing bulk waste removal done through pedal power as well, boosting the sustainability commitment of the city.

The way the service will work is by having residents sign up online at the municipal website to reserve a cargo bike for a certain day, hour and location. Once registered, they’ll get a confirmation email from City Hall.

There are four recycling points which will lend the free cargo bikes. These are: Henk Sneevlietweg (Nieuw-West), Marie Baronlaan (East), Meerkerkdreef (Southeast), Rozenburglaan (East). If the project is deemed successful, the plan is to expand the availability of the bikes to all seven recycling points in Amsterdam.

In addition to bulk waste, the cargo bikes are suitable for the transportation of chemical waste and residual frying oil. Chemical waste should never be put in garbage bags and placed on the streets as it can be unsafe for the environment, animals and people.

Finally, the authorities point out that the multi-purpose bikes can also be used for the transportation of garden waste, as well.



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