Amsterdam multicultural firewall house, Source: City of Amsterdam

Amsterdam opens first multicultural funeral home in the Netherlands

Amsterdam opens first multicultural funeral home in the Netherlands

It will be accessible as of tomorrow 1st February

Very soon it will be possible to say a final goodbye to a deceased relative, following your own cultural and religious traditions. As early as this weekend, Amsterdam opens the first multicultural funeral home in the Netherlands. Interested visitors can explore the facility from the inside for the first time on Saturday 1st February 2020 starting from 11h when the inauguration will take place.

Facility adaptable to all cultural needs

In the farewell house Afscheidshuis Amsterdam-Zuidoost users have access to a room 24 hours a day where they can pray, cook, receive people and get together whenever they desire. The building can be flexibly arranged thanks to folding walls with possibility to accommodate up to 400 people in one room.

The interior is neutral and can be adapted to various ceremonies. With the help of the versatile lighting, for example, the facility gives the room the atmosphere that fits well with the ceremony in place. Different religious symbols can be projected according to the needs.

Furthermore, there are several kitchens in the building and the sound system can be adjusted to modest services, but also offer high decibels. Finally, the relatives can take care of the deceased at their own discretion and withdraw into their own room for prayers.

Locally-led initiative

The Amsterdam-Zuidoost farewell house (located in Hoorneboeg, opposite Bijlmer ArenA station) was designed together with many people from different cultures, religions, backgrounds and communities in Southeast and is the fruit of years of preparation, explain the Municipality of Amsterdam. 

The funeral home was established upon the initiative of residents, Yarden Funeral Organization, management of Southeast district and the City Council of Amsterdam. The company that developed the multicultural farewell house spoke at numerous occasions with residents about their ideas for implementation and design and the new team working in site consists largely of residents of Southeast district.



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