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Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods can each get a free jazz concert this summer

Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods can each get a free jazz concert this summer

Whеreas young musicians will get a chance to practice in public

Neighbourhoods in the Region of Amsterdam can register for some free classical music this summer. The concerts are performed by artists from various Dutch conservatories, as part of the Grachtenfestival. Focusing entirely on the development of young professionals, the largest classical music festival in The Netherlands gives them the chance to practice and showcase their talent in public, while residents get to enjoy fine performances in the open air.

How to get a concert in your neighbourhood?

The concerts will take place between 11 and 20 August this year, but in order to have one organised in your neighbourhood, you need to apply by 20 January already. The condition is that the concert must be a real neighbourhood activity - free and accessible to all residents.

Said performances can take place on a square, in a church, canteen or park in the neighbourhood, lasting one hour without interruption. The festival organisers provide the music, and the technology, and take care of all necessary permits and agreements.

The application is very simple – only by sending an email with a suggestion for a suitable location and a photo of it to

The Grachtenfestival is one of the largest concert organizers in the Netherlands, with a history dating back to 1998. As its website suggests, together with young musicians and makers, the Grachtenfestival presents and develops new forms of concerts, music theatre/opera and other professional performing arts. With an innovative program and an appealing presentation with many free concerts, the Grachtenfestival convincingly manages to reach a large, broad and diverse target group for classical music and jazz.



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