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Amsterdam to ban smoking marijuana on the streets

Amsterdam to ban smoking marijuana on the streets

The proposal is part of a host of measures aimed at making the city streets safer and cleaner for residents

Yesterday, local authorities in Amsterdam announced a planned crackdown on all creature comforts the Dutch Capital is famous for. According to an official statement, this includes a ban on smoking marijuana on the streets, as well as limiting the sale of alcohol and limiting the people and working hours of the Red Lights district.

The proposed measures are the next step from what local authorities raised as concerns near the start of December. Apparently, with Covid-restrictions going away and the return of mass tourism, many locals have had a chance to reconsider what a calm living environment is.  

What is about to change

One of the main proposals from local authorities in Amsterdam is a marijuana smoking ban on the streets. This, they hope, would decrease the number of illegal dealers, although, if it proves unsuccessful, they would also consider banning smoking on terraces of coffee shops.

Another measure is for certain catering establishments and sex establishments that also have a catering license. Here, authorities want to make them close doors at 2:00 AM from Friday to Saturday, whereas now they can stay open until 3:00 AM or 4:00 AM.

Sex establishments would also have to close at 3:00 AM, whereas now they can stay open until 6:00 AM. Additionally, to control the crowds at the Red Light District better, authorities propose that no new visitors are allowed after 1:00 AM.

The problem of too many people

City officials explain that the move is provoked by rising crime rates in the central districts of Amsterdam, especially related to illegal street dealers. Residents of the old town are particularly affected by the problems of mass tourism and alcohol and drug abuse.

According to a statement by the city, tourists attract street dealers and insecurity. The atmosphere can get grim, especially at night, as people who are under the influence hang around for a long time. This comes with a lot of street noise, which leads to even more complaints from residents.

Although some sources claim that a majority of the local council is in favour of the planned changes, the policy amendments are still propositions. The city has given affected parties, especially businesses a period of four weeks to raise issues and press complaints. The amendments are otherwise scheduled to take effect in mid-May.



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