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Amsterdam to give out prizes for people who know how to make cycling safer

Amsterdam to give out prizes for people who know how to make cycling safer

The city now has too many cyclists and needs to find better safety solutions for its roads

Last week, authorities in Amsterdam announced a new contest for ideas to improve cycling safety throughout the city. The contest is open to everyone, however, submissions will be evaluated by the Amsterdam Bike City Innovation Lab, while the winner will get 1,000 euros and a budget of 15,000 to realise their idea in the Dutch Capital.

Amsterdam has a growing need for bike safety innovation due to the city's skyrocketing number of cyclists. Additionally, this creates a lot of traffic on bike lanes which is largely unique to its urban environment.

According to a statement by the city, this is a good problem to have, cycling is more popular than ever and people are living healthier while contributing to the environment. Yet, the road safety problem is persistent, and local officials are looking for fresh new ideas.

Innovative, original and feasible

Innovative, original and feasible, are the three requirements set out by the Amsterdam Bike City Innovation Lab. Additionally, they should aim to tackle traffic issues related to cycling, like cutting people off, being chased or cycling in the dark in remote places.

Otherwise, according to the city, all ideas are welcome, for every situation, target group or location, as long as it has an impact on social safety. Additionally, it must be applicable in several locations in Amsterdam, so that it can be scalable

The submissions process will be open until 30 March. The applicants with the 10 best ideas will also have a chance to present their solutions to a jury of cycling professionals. The winner will be announced on 31 May and will receive 1,000 euros worth of social media attention and a budget of 15,000 to put that idea into practice.



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