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Amsterdam wants to spend 4 million euros on public toilets

Amsterdam wants to spend 4 million euros on public toilets

The lack of clean and easily accessible restrooms can ruin a nice afternoon in the park

On 23 September, Amsterdam announced plans to invest as much as 4 million euros in accessible public toilets until 2026. The new facilities are set for construction in parks and recreational areas and will be open all year round.

Making open green areas even more attractive to the public

During the coronavirus pandemic, the public parks and green recreational areas in Amsterdam have become even more popular than before, as the municipal website informed. But apart from some quality time in nature and chat with friends, a clean and accessible toilet is an inalienable part of the good experience.

For this reason, Amsterdam has been investing in many temporary toilets over the years. They are placed mainly for the summer months, in very busy city areas. Even more, to prevent this type of littering, the city has even launched a map of the existing permanent toilets that are open to the public and invites the public to report when someone pees outside of the designated spaces.

Now, the local authority believes, it is time for a stable investment in more comfortable and accessible permanent toilets.

For this reason, they suggest that next year’s budget and each consecutive year until 2026 include one million euros for fixed, wheelchair-friendly toilets that are accessible to everyone all year round.

It is yet to be announced whether the 4 million euros for public toilets in Amsterdam over the next four years will be granted. The City Council will make a decision on this proposal on 10 and 11 November 2021.



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