The cycling traffic in Amsterdam has become a lot more heterogeneous since the introduction of powerful e-bikes, Source: Unsplash

Amsterdam will lobby European Commission to limit e-bike speed with smart devices

Amsterdam will lobby European Commission to limit e-bike speed with smart devices

The City says this has become a necessity due to the increasing number of incidents involving these vehicles

The Amsterdam municipal website announced last week that the city is busy looking into ways of curbing the speed limit for the new models of electric bicycles in order to increase road safety and lessen injuries. As a solution, the authorities are proposing the implementation of something they call “intelligent speed adjustments”, for whose introduction they will seek agreements with the European Commission and bike manufacturers.

Amsterdam, as we all know by now, is a city where cycling is a mainstream part of life and daily traffic. Newer and more powerful e-bike models, however, have the ability to develop speeds much higher than the classic bicycles and that has led to a surge in road accidents and a dip in the feeling of safety among other road participants.

That’s why the local administration has decided to work with experts from the Townmaking Institute to develop a device that can limit the speed of these bicycles when they pass through crowded and sensitive areas of the city.

Details about the smart solution are still vague though

The experts claim that the technology can actively ensure that the bikes will travel at the correct speeds when they pass through school zones or parks. Likewise, it can limit the speed during unfavourable weather conditions, such as rain or snow. For this purpose, the on-bike device will be constantly connected to the city’s digital infrastructure.

Amsterdam authorities are quick to allay fears of privacy invasion and Big Brother interference by saying that this will not be implemented before an agreement has been reached with the European Commission to legislate the measure.

However, what’s lacking are also details on how the device is supposed to exactly work. Will the speed be curbed automatically and remotely, or will there be a signal warning the rider to slow down?

We will follow the development of this story and keep you updated.



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