An Amsterdam facade featuring a historical element, Source: Amsterdam Municipality

Amsterdammers can reuse parts of the city’s architectural heritage

Amsterdammers can reuse parts of the city’s architectural heritage

The local authorities are inviting residents to adopt interesting façade elements that have survived demolitions

Amsterdam is inviting residents to adopt part of the city’s heritage by reusing different façade elements that have been gathering dust in a local warehouse. The idea of the authorities is to involve residents in reincorporating part of the city’s history back into the contemporary urban environment.

Residents interested in that initiative will have the chance to visit the warehouse at Bornhout 8 on 15 and 20 September and pick up building fragments free of charge. There’s a condition, however.

Those people who decide to take a fragment with them will have to sign an agreement describing how they intend to use the heritage element. The fragments can be used in new construction or renovations or as part of public art display projects.

Some examples to use for inspiration

The municipal website has listed some examples of how such architectural fragments have already been incorporated into public spaces.

A coat of arms from one of the Cromhout houses is now part of Huis Vasari garden. Bricks from the De Leeuw bread factory were used in the new building raised on the site of the former factory.

A residents' group has placed large building fragments on Ecuplein Square in De Aker district. Students from the Academy of Architecture have also started working with building fragments. And yet other such pieces have been given a place in secondary schools.

The city administration has also mentioned that there are four complete gables dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. As we know, these Baroque architectural elements are iconic in the Dutch city. However, these cannot be taken by residents as they are kept as backup parts in the case of restorations.



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