Poreč's new electric minibus, Source: City of Poreč

An electric minibus will now link Poreč’s city centre and suburbs

An electric minibus will now link Poreč’s city centre and suburbs

People can use the new public transport service for free until Christmas

As of 17 December, Poreč’s residents can make use of an electric minibus that will transport them from the suburbs to the city centre and vice versa. The Croatian municipality revealed this information on 16 December, sharing that it has launched the environmentally friendly public transport service through the EU SUTRA project, which seeks to promote sustainable mobility.

Free transport until Christmas

To celebrate and promote the new service, the city will allow passengers to ride for free until Christmas. After this, they will have to buy either daily or monthly tickets worth HRK 10 (EUR 1.3) and 100 (EUR 13.3), respectively.

The electric minibus can transport 20 passengers and has a range of 120-140 kilometres. What is more, it is a low-floor vehicle with a built-in mechanical ramp which makes it accessible for people with disabilities.

Reducing CO2 emissions

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the electric minibus also promotes other sustainable modes of transport. That is, it allows residents to cycle to and from bus stops as it is equipped with bicycle racks. Commenting on the new public transport service, the Mayor of Poreč Loris Peršurić shared:

“We are glad that we have realised another EU project with this. Through the pilot project, we will finally get what our fellow citizens wanted – and that is a public transport system that will connect the city with the suburbs. In 5 years, there will be a need to change the route or set up new lines, which will expand the network.”

The municipality envisions the introduction of more electric minibuses in the future. Together, they will reduce traffic congestion, connect different areas, and reduce CO2 emissions.

To view photographs of the new electric minibus, see the gallery above.



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