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Antikrundan hits the road again this summer

Antikrundan hits the road again this summer

Sweden’s most popular factual TV show will visit Luleå and five other locations

Antikrundan, the Swedish version of the original BBC format Antiques Roadshow, will resume its postponed tour of Sweden this summer. The show host Anne Lundberg and some of Sweden's foremost antiques experts will visit Luleå (21–22 August) and five other places - Gävle, Håbo, Grums, Kungsbacka and Ystad, reports. The announcement has made quite a stir in Luleå, and for good reason – the municipality was visited by the show’s team only once and it was long time ago – in 1996.

Uncontested popularity since 1989

Typically, Antikrundan visits different locations in Sweden and invites people to bring their antiques for evaluation. Antikrundan’s experts evaluate all possible objects, except musical instruments, coins and stamps.

The first episode of Antikrundan was recorded in 1989, and the show has enjoyed immense popularity ever since. No other factual programme on Swedish television has come anywhere near Antikrundan’s 1,5 million viewers on average – no small feat in a country with just over 10 million inhabitants. Anne Lundberg has been the host of the show since 1999.

If the Mountain won't go to Mohammed...

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a heavy toll on human interactions, but SVT and Antikrundan are adopting a customized approach. Interested parties who want their items evaluated may send in a picture and text about the item in advance, and those who are selected to participate in the show may arrive at pre-booked times, so as to avoid crowding. And true to the saying “If the Mountain won't go to Mohammed, then Mohammed must come to the Mountain”, Antikrundan's experts will also make home visits.

Large parts of the programme will be recorded outdoors, and the restrictions that would be in place in August would determine the presence or absence of an audience. The new season of Antikrundan will premiere in January 2022 on SVT1. There will be two full-time programmes from each location.

The program's producer Pernilla Månsson Colt calls on all Luleå residents who would like to submit items for evaluation, to e-mail the show’s organizers at

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