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Antwerp gives residents free trees

Antwerp gives residents free trees

In case they have a patch of unoccupied land that they don’t know what to do with

The Belgian city of Antwerp has 2,000 trees to give away, and it wants to give them to residents to plant in their gardens or any free patch of non-sealed land they may have on their property. The promotion runs until 30 September with the aim of involving citizens in the greenifying process of the city.

Plus, having a tree in your garden means better air quality in your personal environment, having shade in the summer and more breeding space for birds.

20 different species available

Not all trees are the same, so when opting for ordering the plant, residents actually have to make a choice among twenty different species. However, the authorities do not expect the residents to be professional botanists, which is why they have included a helpful guide on choosing the right tree for their property. Owners can answer a series of questions, which will lead them to the right recommendation.

Either way, the available plants have all been chosen to be suitable for the local climate and ecosystem.

What’s more, the city website offers practical advice on how to proceed with planting and caring for the tree so that it will meet the standards set by the municipality. For example, trees that grow more than 2 meters high should be located 2 meters from the property boundary unless the owner agrees otherwise with their neighbour.

On the other hand, if owners want to fell a tree for some reason they have to apply for a special permit from the municipality and this will be allowed only if the tree meets certain conditions. The City makes sure to give dead trees a second life by using their wood in the making of natural kids’ playgrounds.



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