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Antwerp's municipal memes aim to correct public opinion on students and alcohol

Antwerp's municipal memes aim to correct public opinion on students and alcohol

According to a study, even students think they drink way more than they actually do

The City of Antwerp (Belgium) has conducted a study in tandem with the University of Antwerp on student drinking. As a city with a large student population, young people suffer from a public perception that they drink and binge drink all the time.

In fact, according to the study, students feel like that about their peers, too. However, according to the research, around 79% of students drink hard liquor less than once per month.

This has prompted authorities to launch a campaign translating the findings of the study into memes to popularise these findings among the students themselves. According to an official statement, public and peer perception can influence students’ behaviour, leading them to think that they need to drink more in order to fit in.

The study’s findings

The study was conducted among 1,886 students at the University of Antwerp. One of the main findings of the study is that 78.9% of students drink spirits less than once per month, while 65.15% drink no more than one or two drinks at student gatherings. Meanwhile, 72.9% have no problem ordering a non-alcoholic drink.

Furthermore, 64.3% of students get drunk only once a month. However, 73.3% think that the average student would get drunk weekly or more often. 80.7% hardly ever drink alone, while 78.6% have a drink of alcohol no more than once per week. During exam periods, though, that number drops significantly, as 70% of respondents say they drink no more than once per month.

Binge drinking, the practice of having 4 to 6 glasses of alcohol in the span of two hours, is another perceived issue that seems to be a rarity for most. 68.9% of male students and 76.9% of female students report binge drinking less than once per month.

On the other hand, young people (73.3% of males and 66.1% of females) believe their peers binge drink more often than twice per month.



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