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Apply now for the 2021 Covenant of Mayors Awards

Apply now for the 2021 Covenant of Mayors Awards

The application deadline is Friday, 3 September

On 19 August, the Covenant of Mayors announced that signatories have until Friday 3 September to apply for the 2021 Covenant of Mayors “City in the Spotlight Awards”. The body behind these awards brings together over 9,000 regional and local authorities who are committed to implementing EU climate and energy goals.

With the 2021 awards, the Covenant of Mayors gives governments the chance to showcase the progress of their cities and inspire others to follow their actions. This year, three signatories will be awarded at the first-ever online Covenant of Mayors Ceremony on 7 October.

Who can apply?

While all Covenant of Mayors – Europe signatories can apply for the 2021 awards, only those who have committed themselves to the 2030 mitigation and adaptation targets are eligible. These signatories are thus invited to fill out an application form and submit an overview of their engagement in the Covenant initiative.

Their applications must include descriptions of energy and climate policies as well as the actions that have been taken to ensure their implementation. Taking this further, submissions will be evaluated with the SECAP (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan) process. More specifically, the Covenant of Mayors will assess the following:

  • Commitments and monitoring;
  • Progress in reducing emissions and strengthening resilience;
  • Involvement of stakeholders;
  • Coherence of plans;
  • SECAP governance;
  • Contribution to EU Green Deal Strategies.

To reiterate, 3 signatories will be awarded at the online ceremony on 7 October: a small-sized signatory (<10,000 inhabitants), a medium-sized signatory (10-000-250,000 inhabitants), and a large-sized signatory (>250,000 inhabitants).

These winners will then get the chance to share more information about their local actions and strategies. In addition to this, they will be featured in the Covenant of Mayors’ newsletter, articles, etc.

In previous years, Barcelona, Sønderborg, Monsano, Turin, Turku and Montaione have been awarded Cities in the Spotlight.



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