Architectural vision of Tallinn Becker Quarter , Source: Kadarik Tüür Architectures

Architectural vision for Tallinn’s reshaped Bekker Port now complete

Architectural vision for Tallinn’s reshaped Bekker Port now complete

The city government will have a say on the private plan to build a new residential quarter complete with an opera house and recreational facilities

Kadarik Tüür Architectures has completed the visual design for the future Bekker Port area development in Tallinn, which has been commissioned by private developer Endel Siff. The businessman who plans to transform the gloomy cargo port into a vibrant residential and business district told ERR that he will soon present the plan created by the architecture studio to the Tallinn city government. If the architectural concept for Bekker Quarter receives municipal support, Siff will request the drafting of a detailed plan.

A night at the opera

The jewel of the plan is a new opera house which, in Siff’s words, will be erected using private money to the tune of EUR 300m and will cost the state nothing. The businessman hopes that his brainchild will become Estonia’s next National Opera house. The technical director of the National Opera (Rahvusooper), Taivo Puhman, welcomed the plan, noting that in this case the surroundings of the new edifice should be developed as well.

In addition to the opera house, the plan envisages the construction of hotels, cinemas, restaurants and larger and smaller shops and cafes in the area. A spa with a park will appear on the nearby wharf. Residents of the planned Bekker Quarter will be able to reach every point inside their locality on foot or by bike within 15 minutes. Moreover, a new tram line will connect the new neighbourhood to the city centre.

Developments under scrutiny

Bekker Port currently operates as a cargo port, where warehousing services for bulk goods are provided. ERR points out that right next to the Bekker area is the Meerus port area which is also owned by Endel Siff. Tallinn City Council has already ordered a detailed plan to be drafted for the development of this area, too.

Estonia’s former coalition government led by the left-leaning Centre Party collapsed last month following a corruption investigation linked to another planned development - in the Old City Harbour, Tallinn’s main passenger port.

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