A section of the railing installation

Art railing in Naples helps the sightless enjoy the view

Art railing in Naples helps the sightless enjoy the view

The innovative fixture has been there since 2015, but these days it has gone viral

Castel Sant’Elmo, a medieval fortress on Vomero Hill, offers a splendid view over the Bay of Naples, the city and the Mount Vesuvius volcano, so it is no surprise that it is one of the must-see spots for visitors and residents alike. Back in 2015, however, an artistic contest called ‘A Work For the Castle’ chose Paolo Puddu’s ‘Follow the Shape’ installation as a new fixture to be added to the premises.

The reason? It was a railing inscribed with braille writing which described the magnificent view for those who were unable to see it.

The netizens want to see something similar in their cities, too

The message that is on the railing is there to be read by visually impaired people. It describes the landscape that can be observed from that point so that they can get to know the city in a different way.

People who can read braille can follow the inscription and the gentle shape of the stainless-steel railing to read verses from Giuseppe de Lorenzo’s “The Land and the Man”. Reportedly, other well-known Italian poets’ works are also on the fixture as they help enhance the context of the place and the moment.

The railing is 92 feet long and, technically, represent an art piece, however, when art touches lives and helps people in such a direct way - who would disapprove of it?

It turns out - no one. The great majority of the local inhabitants, and the tourists who saw it and got to know its function, received the initiative warmly. It took some time, as life does, but the "inclusive railing" also went viral on the Internet this summer.

As pointed out, there were many users on social media channels asking that this type of measure be replicated in their towns and cities. Clearly, this is art that speaks to greater inclusion and to the grander precepts of humanity.



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