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Athens – a safe harbor for digital nomads during corona

Athens – a safe harbor for digital nomads during corona

The city offers the perfect conditions for those seeking a better work-life balance and whose job allows them to be on the move

With the first anniversary of living with COVID-19 fast approaching, authorities in the Greek capital of Athens have decided to make the most out of their circumstances. Earlier this month, the official tourist authority in the city announced a 12-week campaign meant to attract as many “digital nomads” as possible, called “Even Lockdown is Better in Athens”.

With tourism on the backburner for the foreseeable future, Athens officials are eager to explore these new opportunities that are multiplying with each passing day.

Cities on the hunt for digital nomads

Digital nomads are all the rage for Europe’s cities these days. These high earners working in the fields of IT and software development are flexible in their working conditions and are constantly on the lookout for better conditions. Thus, Athens has decided to present itself in the best light possible in order to attract their attention.

The campaign was kickstarted after journalists working for the local Visitors Centre, This is Athens, interviewed four of these so-called “corona refugees” and asked them what made them come to the city. The recollection of their experiences then gave birth to an entire campaign meant to highlight all the ways that the Greek capital helps newly-arriving entrepreneurs and makes them feel welcome and appreciated.

Athens authorities are doing everything in their power to encourage the trend of new arrivals by building the necessary infrastructure such as co-working office spaces and innovation hubs and by digitizing the municipal government’s services and making them easier to access.

As quoted in a municipal press release, Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis welcomed the trend: "Athens has long been a destination for people who want to share ideas and learn from each other. This is one of the reasons that we focus on hospitality as the core of our cultural heritage. Cultural exchange is a guarantee of our freedom, and we are thinking a lot about this as we celebrate 200 years of Greek independence. We're thrilled that so many people want to make Athens part of their life story."

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