Athens helped more than 33,000 people in need during the holiday season

Athens helped more than 33,000 people in need during the holiday season

Several projects were launched by the city to help the vulnerable during the holidays

In order not to leave anyone in the city alone this special Christmas, the Municipality of Athens opened a large umbrella of protection for the vulnerable population of the capital, to spend as warmly and with as much dignity as possible this year's holidays.

Through the Reception and Solidarity Centre of the Municipality of Athens (K.Y.D.A.), the city stood by the people in need and those who live under adverse conditions and are deprived of many things some might take for granted. With initiatives and actions in the structures, but also in the streets of Athens, the Municipality has done everything possible to take care of these people, especially during the health crisis.

Standing by the vulnerable

The Social Grocery, the Social Pharmacy of K.Y.D.A. and the Node continued to supply the 26,000 beneficiaries of the Center with food packages, personal hygiene items, house cleaners, but also with the medicines they need. In fact, the services were not limited to this. They offered additional food packages, gift vouchers for shopping in the supermarket, gifts and festive surprises for young and old, so that everyone can feel the warmth and festive spirit of Christmas.

The Reception and Solidarity Center of the Municipality of Athens also arranged for "Santa Claus" to come to more than 2,000 children of beneficiary families, preparing and handing out gift bags and spreading smiles. Each child has received a festive gift package, which includes toys for their age but also useful items.

At the same time, vulnerable groups who could not move were given the opportunity to deliver the necessary goods to their homes. A total of 4,928 door-to-door food packages were distributed to individuals and families who had difficulty or could not pick up their products from the structures of K.Y.D.A., as they belong to vulnerable groups.

In addition to food, medicine and personal hygiene items, clothes, shoes and toys were also distributed to the beneficiaries of K.Y.D.A.

"In Athens, a giant and ongoing welfare and protection operation is underway in its structures and streets. Because behind every number, there are people and families who carry a heavy burden. However, there are also all the people of the Municipality of Athens who, with perseverance and effort, make the society of solidarity a reality", emphasized the Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis.



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