Mount Lycabettus in Athens, Greece

Athens revitalises its “urban lung” with EUR 1.5 million project

Athens revitalises its “urban lung” with EUR 1.5 million project

The “Lycabettus Programme” will enliven one of the capital’s abandoned hills

The Greek capital is known for numerous things, one of which is its remarkable hilly terrain. In a press release, the City of Athens explains that only a small number of cities worldwide have the privilege of having such a landscape. Acknowledging how lucky it is to have greenery in the centre of its urban space, the capital is now taking action to revitalise one of its abandoned and neglected hills, Lycabettus.

The 442.8 acres of forest provide Athens’ residents with beautiful views of the capital and serene hiking trails. In addition to this, Lycabettus offers them an escape from city life and various opportunities for recreation. Thus, to preserve this invaluable part of the capital, the municipality has now begun the implementation of the “Lycabettus Programme”.

A project worth EUR 1.5 million

Financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB), the “Lycabettus Programme” is worth EUR 1.5 million. With these funds and through the programme, the City of Athens is finally paying attention to the hill’s flora and fauna with the aim of preserving its ecosystem.

What is more, it has set out to enliven the hill by replacing 1.7 km of asphalt with new, water-permeable materials that contribute to flood protection. Taking this further, various other anti-flood and anti-corrosion techniques and materials will also be applied to protect the hill from damage. Finally, Lycabettus’ walking routes will be restored using natural materials.

With this programme, the City of Athens seeks to revive the capital’s “urban lung”. On Facebook, Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis expressed his delight with the project, writing: “After many years of abandonment and degradation, Lycabettus is born again! […] Few cities in the world have the privilege of having in their hearts an urban forest like Lycabettus. Finally, let’s live and enjoy it!”

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