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Athens to provide grants for the energy upgrade of small businesses

Athens to provide grants for the energy upgrade of small businesses

It seeks to enhance the energy efficiency of companies

The Municipality of Athens has announced that it will provide financial support for small businesses in the capital. More specifically, it will allocate 2.3 million euros for the energy upgrade of companies.

In the second phase of its initiative, the municipality plans to increase this funding to reach 5 million euros. It is important to note that the financial aid will be given in the form of a grant.

Protecting the environment and helping businesses recover from COVID

It is not surprising that the outbreak of the pandemic has had a significantly negative impact on businesses throughout the country. Knowing the damage which has been caused over the past year, the Municipality of Athens has decided to help the owners of small businesses in the capital.

The funding provided by the city will be allocated specifically for the energy upgrade of the Athenian companies. In other words, it must be used to upgrade business operations, making them more efficient and environmentally friendly.

In this way, Athens is not only helping company owners recover from the impacts of COVID but it is also contributing towards protecting the environment. Taking this further, the municipality explains that the primary goal of this initiative is to ensure that companies can consume as little energy as possible while offering customers safety and comfort. Thus, businesses will be able to enhance their internal operations whilst contributing to the city’s efforts to fight climate change.

According to a press release by the municipality, the initiative is called “Athens Business Green Toolkit: Upgrading businesses in the Historic Centre of Athens with green operating conditions to improve their image.” More importantly, the municipality reports that businesses will be officially invited to apply for this support on Wednesday 5 May.  



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