Pocket park in Metaxourgeio, Athens, Source: Kostas Bakoyannis on Facebook

Athens transforms run-down area into an “oasis of greenery”

Athens transforms run-down area into an “oasis of greenery”

The capital has proven its commitment to the creation of green spaces

On 9 June, the Greek capital proudly announced that it has transformed a forgotten corner of the city into an “oasis of greenery”. More specifically, it has converted 300 m2 of unused and abandoned space into a pocket park in Metaxourgeio.

Pocket parks benefit both the community and the environment

The creation of this new park has multiple benefits for both society and the city itself. That is, residents in the area have now received a green space in which they can meet friends, relax, and enjoy nature. What is more, the equipment and infrastructure in the area have also been upgraded and improved as autonomous photovoltaic lighting has been installed. As such, the municipality’s new development gives more life to communities, making them safer and more sociable.

In addition to improving an area that is run-down, the park also contributes to the city’s climate efforts. Taking this further, the capital reported that the new area will be the home of 7 new trees and 250 climbing plants as well as other bushes and flowers. Therefore, the pocket park will reduce pollution, protect wildlife, and improve public health.

Commenting on the newly developed pocket park, Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis explained: “Pocket parks have become an institution for Athens, and this gives us the strength to continue the effort to create even more green spaces, in areas that have been abandoned for years and in neighbourhoods that need life.”

The green space in Metaxourgeio has been developed through the municipality’s “Adopt Your City” programme. What is more, it is important to note that it is the capital’s fourth pocket park. In other words, it is evident that Athens is committed to the creation of a clean and green city that cares about its citizens and environment.

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