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August comes with picnics in Krakow’s parks

August comes with picnics in Krakow’s parks

The event is not just about relaxing, but aims to promote heathy lifestyle and to strengthen social bonds after months in isolation

The traditional Krakow Picnic in August returns for another year and promises an even greater experience, announced the local authorities on Monday. Every weekend throughout the next month, parks in the second-largest Polish city will be dominated by delicious food, group exercising, live music and an open-air cinema.

Meeting for the first time in a while

This year again, plenty of attractions, good food, sports and recreational activities await the visitors to the Krakow picnic. Furthermore, in 2020 the event is expected to be even more popular in view of the end of local lockdowns. The inauguration is in Bednarski Park this Saturday, August 1.

At picnic exhibitors and in food trucks, everyone will be able to stock up on local products. There will also be unique vintage vehicles serving aromatic coffee and artisanal ice cream.

Of course, there is also a sports part of the event. Football for the little ones, badminton, yoga, gymnastics for future mothers, arcade and board games. But most of all, the organisers advise that you can just lie back and indulge in doing nothing.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle

For several years, the Krakow Picnic has been gathering thousands of people in parks. Through this initiative, visitors in the heart of Krakow can feel as if they were on vacation without leaving the city, explain the organisers from the Krakow Festival Office.

Izabela Helbin, director of the Krakow Festival Office also points out that they are closely monitoring the pandemic situation and are having safety and security of visitors as their top priority.

Invariably, the aim of the Krakow Picnic has been to popularize the idea of ​​a local community, to promote healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. That is why the event is co-organised alongside exhibitors of good food. It is part of the campaign “be a tourist in your own city.”



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