Austria allocates 1.3 billion euros for a construction programme in Carinthia

Austria allocates 1.3 billion euros for a construction programme in Carinthia

The Austrian state of Carinthia will receive financing in the construction industry to support its economy

The federal government of Austria has decided to invest 1.3 billion euros to support the economy of its southernmost region - Carinthia. The funds are going to be invested in a construction programme as part of the plan to expand the economy of the state. 343 million euros more have been set aside, as compared to last year, and the increase will help expand projects for the year 2021.

Governor Peter Kaiser (SPÖ) supports the investments knowing that construction is the main economic focus of the region. Additionally, Provincial Councilor Daniel Fellner (SPÖ) concluded that all projects no matter how small and large have put Carinthia in a good position and he hopes to expand this year as well.

Creating more job opportunities in the construction sector

The new investment will allow the economic growth of the region but it will also support the opening of new employment opportunities.

‘Coming out of the crisis by investing is a clear mandate to the government that is being implemented with joint efforts. Civil engineering and road construction covered a large area. Every investment in this area creates and safeguards jobs," shared Gruber on

Jürgen Mandl, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Carinthia, congratulated the construction investment. He further explained the next goals after the decision of the state government: "An ambitious civil engineering program in connection with the reopening of other economic areas - naturally with intensive Corona accompanying measures - is the best investment to get the business and living location Carinthia going again".

The next challenge is to both use the new public sector budget and at the same time stimulate the labour market to trigger economic recovery after the corona pandemic.

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