Aveiro embarks on pedestrianization journey

Aveiro embarks on pedestrianization journey

The Lourenço Peixinho Avenue will be completely refurbished, increasing pedestrian space

Aveiro is embarking on a pedestrianization journey with the approval of the local council’s proposal for the refurbishment of Lourenço Peixinho Avenue.

The goal of the administration is to increase the amount of walking space and thus promote not only a healthier lifestyle but also social and human contact.

Not only will the pedestrian space in the area be expanded, but authorities also envision the placement of significant restrictions on the use of cars on the Avenue.

On the one hand, the size of driving lanes is set to be considerably reduced, while on the other, restrictions will be placed on the maximum speed in the area – a cap of 30 km/h.

When it comes to local beautification, the Council wants to significantly increase the number of trees at the location and to improve the lighting, thus substantially enhancing local heritage and making it more visible and accessible.

Voices of opposition

As is always the case, the project had some critics during the voting stage in the Local Council. The socialist representatives for example were unhappy with the way the discussion on the specifics of the scheme was handled – they wanted more debate on the particular actions that are set to be undertaken by the city.

The Association for Urban Bicycle Mobility also had some negative things to say – citing safety issues due to the envisioned shared roads between public transport and cyclists. Their concerns went unanswered despite their protests that combining bus and bicycle traffic might lead to severe accidents.

The Aveiro Commercial Association meanwhile simply wants the work to be done well and finished up quickly. Representatives of the Association are quite content with the project as it features some of their ideas submitted in a decade-old proposal to the local authorities.

Work on the refurbishment of Lourenço Peixinho Avenue is expected to take around 16 months at a total cost of around 4.5 million euros.



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