Bakar with a series of anniversaries this summer

Bakar with a series of anniversaries this summer

A number of festivities await you

Bakar is a small town, located in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in western Croatia. During the 18th century, Bakar had the largest population in Croatia. Today its population is of 8,279 people. All of them and the visitors of the beautiful Croatian town this summer have a lot of reasons to celebrate, according to Bakar Municipality. 

The traditional summer event called Margaret’s Summer has already started and will continue up til 27 July. The event marks some of the most celebrated moments of the history of Bakar. The guests will have the rare opportunity to walk through the history with Maria Theresa who, 240 years ago, granted Bakar the status of a free royal city.

10th Naval Battle

It is a well-known event that celebrates the last, unsuccessful Venetian attack on Bakar. The city is visited by almost 15,000 people each year on 13 July for this event alone.

A century of excellence of Bakar’s local delicacy, Baškot

A great opportunity to taste many delicacies of local producers, traditional dishes prepared by the hands of local caterers waiting at every corner, as well as the souvenir of the City of Bakar – Bakar’s baškot.

170 years of maritime school in Bakar

The most important moment of the development of maritime affairs was certainly the founding of the Maritime School, which began operating in 1849, 66 years before the founding of London’s school. The Maritime School in Bakar is the oldest vocational school in Croatia, and it had the first school merchant vessel, Margita, in the Mediterranean. This year the school also celebrated 25th years of the international maritime schools regatta.

10 years of Bakar Tourist Board

The Bakar Tourist Board started with intense work in 2009 – turning Bakar into a desirable excursion destination.



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