Bansko, Pirin

Bansko – the perfect combination of skiing, spa and history

Bansko – the perfect combination of skiing, spa and history

The Bulgarian ski resort might be the ideal remote work destination

Bulgaria is known worldwide for its mountain tourism opportunities. So much so that in the middle of the first lockdown in our country, imposed in an attempt to control the pandemic by COVID-19, local media wrote that near the Pirin ski capital Bansko a community of foreigners called "cyber nomads" was formed. They came here after being sent to remote work by their employers due to the anti-epidemic measures.

Natural resources of the region

The group of foreigners chose the small town for a number of reasons. They were very impressed by our nature. The Bulgarian climate with its four seasons and mild, snowy winter provides an opportunity for a long ski and board season in the highlands.

Located in southwestern Bulgaria, in the second-highest mountain in the country - Pirin, Bansko is a city that is being filled in the winter of athletes and travellers who come to test their skills on the countless slopes in the area. There are routes for both beginners and masters.

Children use separate slopes and lifts, provided for their age and skills. As the town is located at an altitude of 1,200 m, the air here is much cleaner than in large cities.

The perfect place for winter tourism

skiing in BanskoThe well-developed tourist infrastructure for winter sports certainly contributes to the popularity of Bansko

There are 6 four-seater lifts in Bansko, as well as a gondola lift for 8 people in a cabin. There are also two six-seater lifts for tourists. The Mosta lift, which is over 2 km long, is also impressive.

Cultural and historical features

historical house in BanskoOne of many historic houses that can be spotted in Bansko

Last but not least, Bansko attracts with its rich history. All houses in the city centre are classified as historical monuments. There are many museums that you can explore and get to know the region's past better.

Among the most famous places for travellers here are the house-museum of the poet Nikola Vaptsarov, Benin's house, the complex „St. Paisii Hilendarski“, the  „Radon“ and „Velyan“ houses. The Revival atmosphere in Bansko will impress you.

Although it is a place endowed with an extremely impressive history, Bansko has a modern spirit and is already ahead with the latest technologies. High-speed internet is provided for those who need to work remotely with the laptop from the Lucky Bansko hotel’s rooms.

Outdoor festivals and events in Bansko

Even today Bansko continues to provide a diverse cultural offer. The town square is equipped with a stage that has always gathered people for various events. Many art lovers come from near and far to become part of the many festivals of Bansko. In winter, an international jazz fest is held here, as well as a winter ski and board cinema film festival.

Spa hotel - the ideal choice for mountain tourism

spa and relax in BanskoIf you need to relax, the Lucky Bansko - SPA & Relax complex is the best choice for you

The pools in „Lucky Bansko - SPA & Relax“ are cleaned with sea salt, and the spa complex of the aparthotel is one of the most modern on the Balkan Peninsula.

You can choose between a massage and a cold (shock) bath, a contrast shower, an ice room, three saunas – classic, herbal and infrared, two steam baths and an ice room. We also have a fish spa, beauty salon, gym, outdoor and indoor pool. The gym is equipped with various types of benches, aisles, cross trainer, Swedish wall and more.

In the spa centre of „Lucky Bansko“ you can indulge in restorative, rejuvenating and beautifying body and face treatments. Our care is inspired by the East and improved with the help of the latest technologies. We also offer therapies for weight loss and removal of skin imperfections.



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