Street musicians performing in front of the jury, Source: Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona / Pep Herrero

Barcelona metro musicians have to go through casting before they can play

Barcelona metro musicians have to go through casting before they can play

Successful candidates get a card allowing them to perform on the premises of the transit system

The Barcelona Metro is glad to welcome musicians on its platforms and corridors to liven up the mood of commuters, but its management is also interested in delivering artistic quality of the highest standard.

That’s why, last Friday, 17 March, TMB (the Metro operator) and the Association of Street Musicians (Amuc BCN), organized a new selection test to evaluate aspiring musicians to play in any of the more than 40 points that are reserved for that purpose within the metro network.

This is not the first time that such casting has been organized, in fact – it has become something of a tradition and routine for the urban transit system.

Each of the more than 50 candidates performed some songs chosen at random by the jury members from the 20 to 30 songs in the repertoire presented by each musician. The jury will assess criteria such as interpretive quality and repertoire variety, originality and creative richness of the proposal and cultural, stylistic and instrumental diversity.

Metro Barcelona – a proper place for culture

TMB has announced that soon the results will be published on the Amuc website. If the jury's evaluation is favourable, the selected musician will obtain the membership card of Amuc BCN and will be able to participate in the projects of this association, so they will have the right to perform in the metro as long as the regulations of the project are respected.

This project to regulate musicians in the Barcelona metro is a pioneer in Europe and the world. The aim is to guarantee the quality of the music offered to metro users and to facilitate the preventive control functions for its proper operation.

The partnership project, whose origins date back to 2001, grows year after year and showcases several initiatives such as exhibitions, participation in international competitions or collaborations with other metro networks throughout the world.



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