Bayer laboratory, Source: City of Turku

Bayer makes 250-million-euro investment in Turku

Bayer makes 250-million-euro investment in Turku

It will build a modern pharmaceutical plant in the Finnish city

The pharmaceutical development company Bayer will invest EUR 250 million and build a new plant in the Finnish City of Turku. With this large investment, Bayer will strengthen the city’s position as the country’s national drug development centre and the “world’s contraceptive capital”.

One of the most modern pharmaceutical plants

In a press release, Turku reported that this is one of the largest investments Finland has seen in recent years. With the EUR 250 million, Bayer will build a novel and modern laboratory that will be equipped with the latest technology.

The new development will be constructed on one of Bayer’s existing buildings in Artukais and it will reportedly utilise automation and robotics extensively. It is important to note that the pharmaceutical company will not only use the aforementioned funds to construct a new plant but to also modernise its existing facilities in Turku.

Strengthening Turku’s reputation

Bayer’s investment will undoubtedly transform the Finnish area. Taking a case in point, the development will certainly result in the creation of new job opportunities. What is more, the company will also require a highly skilled workforce. Now, Turku has shared that it will work to ensure and facilitate the availability of such labour.

Niko Kyynäräinen Turku's Director of Vitality discussed how Bayer’s operations will impact the city, noting: “The investment will further strengthen Turku’s position as a centre for drug development and production in Finland. The city can now be said to become the top city in the international top-class pharmaceutical industry.”

Kyynäräinen also highlighted that Bayer has previously worked with Turku to provide 100 million women in developing countries with access to modern prevention and family planning opportunities. For this reason, Bayer believes that the 250-euro-investment has the potential to further strengthen Turku’s role as the “world’s contraceptive capital”.

The new plant is expected to begin operating in 2025.

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