Have your voice heard in the competition for the first European Capital of Democracy, Source: European Capital of Democracy

Become a Citizens’ Juror, and pick the first European Capital of Democracy

Become a Citizens’ Juror, and pick the first European Capital of Democracy

Currently, there are 13 finalist cities competing for the new prestigious title on the continent

There is a new competition between cities in Europe and its announcement couldn’t be any timelier – in January 2023, we will know the first European Capital of Democracy. Now that the environment, public health, the economy and the energy supply are all taking a beating, we shouldn’t forget that one of the most cherished achievements underscoring life in the EU – democracy – is also constantly under attack.

The new initiative wouldn’t live up to its name though if civic participation was not inscribed in the process of selecting the winner of the title. That is why, we urge you to sign up and become one of the 10 000 Citizen’s Jurors who will directly vote in picking the first European Capital of Democracy for 2023.

Stand up for demoracy!

The initiative was launched by ECoD gemeinnützige Gmb, together with The Innovation in Politics Institute GmbH, based in Vienna and Berlin, with representations in 16 European countries. There already 13 cities that have been selected as finalists that can compete for the title.

These are: Antwerp (Belgium), Barcelona (Spain), Bologna (Italy), Braga (Portugal), Brussels (Belgium), Burgos (Spain), Cascais (Portugal), Linz (Austria), Metz (France), Opole (Poland), Rzeszow (Poland), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Valongo (Portugal).

In terms of countries, Portugal is the clear leader as it has most candidates – three of them.

As for the process to decide the ultimate winner, it involves two steps. First, based on transparent criteria, an Experts’ Jury of five pre-eminent professionals in the field of democracy will now review all of the cities’ applications and draw up a shortlist of outstanding contenders. Up to five nominee cities will be forwarded to the Citizens’ Jury, which will have the final say. The first city to carry the title of European Capital of Democracy will be designated in January 2023.

In close cooperation with civil society and citizens, the designated European Capital of Democracy will host a wide range of activities and events attracting visitors from all over Europe to join and participate in collaborative efforts to strengthen democracy. The winning city will enjoy an international reputation as a centre of education, and it will help boost civic pride.



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